BMW Kingston Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us at BMW KINGSTON (referred to as “we” or “us” in this policy). This page will help explain what personal information we collect about you, how we use it, whether it is disclosed to anyone else, how long your information is kept on file, and how you can request access, update your preferences or receive more information on BMW KINGSTON’s privacy policies.

Personal Information:
Personal information means any information about you except your name, business title, business
address, business e-mail address, business telephone number or business facsimile number. It also does not include your home address and telephone number if these are published in a telephone or other


BMW KINGSTON takes accountability for the personal information we have obtained. Our Compliance officer Daniela Traficante is responsible in ensuring we comply with this policy and privacy legislation. You can update your privacy settings (update email address, or request to OPT OUT and not be
contacted by email or by phone) at any time by contacting our compliance officer. Our compliance
officer can be contacted at or by phone at: 1-877-459-3795.

In what ways do we collect Personal Information? :
There are a number of ways your information get collected, consent is given when you participate in one of the following transactions or activities such as:

  • Vehicle purchase
  • Vehicle lease
  • Vehicle finance
  • Vehicle Inquiry
  • Purchase extended warranty/ business office purchase
  • Parts purchase
  • Service your vehicle
  • Test drive
  • Enter a contest
  • Participate in a promotion
  • Fill out a survey


What Personal Information do we collect?

  • your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, facsimile number and your occupation;
  • information about your driving habits (such as preferred car size, colour, type of vehicle, kilometres driven annually, etc.);
  • information about your existing vehicle(s) and any trade-in;
  • details of your vehicle and its service history; your driver’s license number;
  • the name of your insurance company, agent, policy number and details about your coverage;
  • similar information about other members of your family; your language preference;
  • your date of birth and/or the date of birth of other members of your family (if necessary)
  • your social insurance number;
  • financial and credit information about you and/or other members of your family (specific information is set out in the application for credit forms)
  • the principle amount of your loan, interest and repayment schedule
  • health information if you are applying for life, health, disability or accident insurance
  • the amount of any life, health, disability or accident insurance and details of that insurance

Provision of your Social Insurance Number is optional. However, you should be aware that most Credit Reporting Agencies use the Social Insurance Number as a unique identifier to ensure proper identifiction when conducting credit reviews and preparing credit reports. If you do not wish to provide your Social Insurance Number, our ability to obtain a timely and accurate credit report may be affected.

The Security of your Personal Information is Important to Us
Your personal information is used by us only for the purposes identified below and access to your
personal information is limited to those employees of BMW KINGSTON who need to have access to it. To keep the information safe we run a tape back up daily and monthly. The tapes are kept in a secure location. The recovery procedure is set up by a third party Reynolds & Reynolds.

How do we use your Personal Information?

Your personal information may be used in a number of ways such as:

  • Obtaining licensing for your vehicle.
  • Receive a credit report for your lease or finance.
  • Provide your with vehicle maintenance reminders and service offers.
  • Provide you with information pertaining to products or services that we think may benefit you.

Sometimes we have to Share your Personal Information with Others
We do not sell your personal information to third parties. We may share some or all of your personal
information with third parties such as the manufacturer of your vehicle and its related companies, the providers of products or services relating to your vehicle, credit reporting agencies, financial institutions or financing companies, your insurance agent or company and companies which provide or insure
warranties relating to your vehicle. We may also disclose your personal information where we are
required or permitted by law to do so.

How long do we keep your Personal Information and How Do We Dispose of It?
We retain your personal information as long as we believe that you are still the owner of the vehicle. If the information relates to the financing or lease of the vehicle, we retain personal information relating to the financing or lease arrangements as long as those arrangements are in place. If the information relates to the service or repair of your vehicle we retain the personal information for as long as is reasonably necessary to address any issues arising from the service or repair of the vehicle or as may be required by law. If there are legal requirements relating to the period of time which we must retain your personal
information, we comply with those requirements. Your personal information is disposed of by having the hard copies shred and soft copies permanently deleted once we are aware you no longer own the
vehicle and you are no longer doing business with us.

What can you do if you want to limit the use to which we put your personal information?
Most of the personal information which we collect is necessary for us to sell or lease you your vehicle, to provide products and services related to the vehicle, assist you in the financing or lease of your
vehicle or to provide service to your vehicle and we cannot do this without that personal information. Similarly, we must disclose your personal information as described above in order to sell you the vehicle, to provide products and services related to the vehicle, assist you in arrangements for financing or
leasing or to provide servicing to your vehicle. If you do not want us to use or disclose your personal
information in a particular way, please contact our General Manager as described above and we will be pleased to discuss with you how we can limit collection, use or disclosure of your personal information.


You can Request Access to Your Personal Information
You have a right to access the personal information which we have about you and to request that
personal information which you believe to be inaccurate be corrected. If you wish to access your
personal information you should contact our Compliance Officer who will be pleased to assist you.


Online Terms of use &conditions

BMW KINGSTON prohibits against misuse such as spamming, posting defamatory content and we
reserve the right to our intellectual property including images of vehicles, staff, and BMW trademarks.



BMW KINGSTON and BMW Canada are not liable or obligated for any damages under the terms &

Questions? Concerns?
If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or about the collection, use and
disclosure of your personal information by BMW KINGSTON please contact our Compliance officer .

What kind of interest-based advertising do we conduct?

We participate in network advertising programs that display advertising about BMW on other
unaffiliated websites. We customize and personalize this advertising to your interests based on
information from your activities, such as the actions you take when you visit our websites and when
visiting websites that display BMW advertising.

How does BMW use cookies and other digital markers and conduct interest-based advertising?

We use technologies such as cookies, web beacons, pixels and other technologies to collect information on how users navigate our website and respond to our promotional communications. When a user
interacts with our website, “cookies” and other digital markers are used by us and by our third party
service providers to collect information and to track user patterns. A cookie is a small text file which contains a unique identification number that identifies your browser, not you personally, to our
computer each time you visit our website. A cookie can tell us which pages were visited and how often. We use this information in an effort to improve our website’s usefulness to you – primarily for technical reasons, such as providing seamless navigation. In addition, we may use website plug-ins (including third-party plug-ins) that store information in your local browser storage to assist with understanding website analytics. This information is cleared when you close your browser.

Our website also uses cookies and pixel files (small image files) to manage our on-line advertising
programs. Cookies and pixel files may keep track of your browser so that you will be recognized when you visit other websites. Our ad management providers use these pixel files and cookies to populate an advertisement for us when you visit certain other websites. We also use pixel files to determine when you have opened a promotional communication from us and other interactions with that promotional communication, such as if a link within it has been clicked or if it has been forwarded. These pixel files are generally valid for a limited number of days and are provided by our ad management providers.

What third party service providers collect information on this website and what is the purpose of this collection?

Our third party service providers, including ad management providers, use third party cookies, web
beacons, or other digital markers to help us to maintain and improve our websites and electronic
communications, deliver interest-based advertising on this website and on other sites, and provide social plug-in functions. A list of service providers is available upon request.

Customized Social Media Ads

We may also use third-party social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to show you customized ads. To offer such ads, we may convert your email address, telephone number or other information into a unique value which can be matched by our partner social media company with a user on the social
media platform. Although we do not provide any personal information to these platform vendors, they may gain insights about individuals who respond to the ads we serve. To opt out of customized social media ads, please use the links provided in the ad, or email

Why does BMW conduct interest-based advertising?

We believe that interest-based advertising that is tailored to your particular interests is more helpful and relevant to you. We use information collected about your interaction with our websites and other
unaffiliated websites to understand our audiences and to improve your access to new products and
services that are most relevant to your interests.

How can I opt-out of receiving interest-based advertising from BMW?

If you do not want to receive interest-based advertising on other websites or would like to exercise choices about the third party advertising networks that provide you with interest-based advertising, please see the opt-out options below. Please note that if you opt-out you may still receive online
advertising from us on other websites or applications. However, these advertisements will not be
displayed to you based on your interests. Please note that like many other websites, we will also
continue to personalize your visits to our website.

  • Interest-Based Advertising and Analytics. You can opt-out of network advertising programs that track your activities across multiple websites to deliver personalized advertising content to you. Please visit Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada Opt-Out Page: //, NAI Opt-Out Page //] and the Ad Choices Opt-Out Page //
  • These websites provide tools that identify member companies that have placed cookies on your browser and provides mechanisms to opt-out of those cookies. You will still receive other types of advertising from participating companies; however, it will not be based on your interests. Deleting browser cookies can remove your opt-out preferences, so you should use these tools periodically to ensure that your preferences are up-to-date.
  • Cookies. If you would prefer not to accept cookies, most browsers will allow you to:
    (i) change your browser settings to notify you when you receive a cookie, which lets you choose whether or not to accept it;
    (ii) disable existing cookies; or
    (iii) set your browser to automatically reject any cookies. You may also set your email options to prevent the automatic downloading of images that may contain technologies that would allow us to know whether you have accessed our email and performed certain functions with it. You may not disable certain types of cookies that are essential to the operation of our websites and that are considered strictly necessary cookies. For example, we use strictly necessary cookies to allow you to view appropriate elements of our websites, such as regional pricing information.

Who can I contact if I have questions about cookies or interest-based advertising?

Should you have any questions or concerns about our interest-based advertising or our privacy
practices, please contact our Privacy Officer by email at; by telephone at (647) 274-7016.