Performance Tuning Division


Introducing the BMW Kingston Performance Tuning Division. We’ve formulated this division of our prestigious dealership to bring our clients nothing but amazing parts and accessories, and personal consultation to maximize your vehicle’s performance.

The BMW Kingston Performance Tuning Division has been equipped with expert skills so that we can assist you with improvements, inspections, and preparations for the track.  Whether you are a racing enthusiast or would like to improve the performance of your street car we have the solution for you.

Services offered by the BMW Kingston Performance Tuning Division:

  • Performance improvements including Software upgrades, Engine Tuning, Driveline Tuning, intercoolers, suspension, exhaust, and cold air intake upgrades.
  • Pre and Post Track Inspections.
  • Track Preparations including brake pads, rotor or fluid changes, alignments, safety device installation, and wheel and tire changes (customizable for each client’s vehicle).
  • Alignment Services for both street and track cars. Our state of the art Hunter Hawkeye alignment rack with zero clearance lift can accommodate the clearance of the lowest street or track car.

BMW Kingston is proud to have partnered with Dinan Engineering. This cutting edge company specializes in performance aftermarket BMW parts and accessories.

With Dinan performance parts comes a warranty on an equal playing field with BMW’s new car warranty, which means coverage on both your parts and labor for the balance of the factory warranty of your BMW up to 4 years or 80,000 kilometres. If your vehicle is outside the BMW New car warranty period then your Dinan parts and labor will be covered up to 2 years/unlimited kms. That way you won’t have to worry about a single thing and you’ll be able to fully enjoy your souped-up BMW driving experience.

Dinan works with all types of BMW models, old and new, and provides them with unparalleled aftermarket BMW parts such as exhaust, suspension, intake systems, improved power output, and performance software upgrades which includes the removal of top speed governor.

Our team of next-level, skilled technicians here at BMW Kingston’s service department are ready to introduce you to the BMW Kingston Performance Tuning Division and to bring you service like you’ve never experienced before. So, give us a call today at (613) 817-1808 and enhance your ride.