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Bent wheel repair is $168

An additional $10 per wheel applies, if wheels needs to be removed from the vehicle by our technician.

Road conditions and potholes are the leading cause for bent wheels on your vehicle. Unfortunately if left unfixed it could lead to major issues down the road, such as increased tire wear, warped rotors, alignment or suspension issues, increased pedal pulsation, premature bearing wear, and needless to say the vibration can make for an uncomfortable ride.

With our state of the art specialized wheel hydraulic press our technicians will inspect, measure & straighten your bent wheel and return it back to the manufactures specifications.

Rim/Wheel Repair is $168

Damaged wheels are an unfortunate and common problem as a vehicle owner. The leading cause of wheel damage is typically a result of rubbing up against a curb. While this can leave your wheel looking scuffed, scratched & in some cases gauged, it can be fixed and we are here to help.

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