Sometimes it’s good to take risks, but not when it comes to the maintenance of your BMW. It’s extremely vital that you are scheduling your regular maintenance appointments for your vehicle and not just to keep everything running smoothly – your safety and longevity of your BMW depend on it.


In order to remain safe and secure while you cruise the town, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is checked regularly. If vehicle maintenance is pushed to the wayside, something minor that may be wrong with your vehicle could get worse as time goes on and pose a threat to your car, your passengers and yourself.


Keeping your vehicle feeling “brand new” can be a tough feat, but not if you stick to a routine when it comes to the maintenance of your BMW. First, take care of the interior by frequently cleaning and vacuuming, so that nothing can stain or build-up. Sometimes overlooked, but keeping the exterior clean is important as well for the same reason. Last, but certainly not least, is that your vehicle’s mechanics are checked and fixed when needed. All of these steps will contribute to preserving the value of your BMW down the road.


Not only do certain driving habits contribute to the decrease in your vehicle’s fuel economy, but putting off car maintenance does as well. By staying on top of tire inflation, air filters, engine oil and the overall engine mechanics you can improve your fuel economy since all of these parts, if not running correctly, burn more fuel.

BMW Kingston offers No-Charge Scheduled Maintenance on all BMW vehicles from the 2006 models onward if purchased from a certified BMW dealer. This plan spans over a 4-year period or 80,000 kilometres, whichever comes first for your vehicle.

Not only does every BMW come with the No-Charge Scheduled Maintenance, but also you have the option of upgrading your plan if you want to have extended protection and security.

  • Vehicle Checks
  • Engine Oil Replacements
  • Air/Micro/Fuel Filter Replacements
  • Spark Plug Service and Replacements
  • Brake Fluid Service and Replacements

It’s recommended that you refer to your onboard maintenance system or BMW service booklet to find the proper maintenance schedule unique to your BMW model. This is helpful especially if you’re not extremely “auto-savvy” and don’t know the warning signs for when certain parts need checking.

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