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Before jumping into replacing your parts, we should talk about the difference between genuine BMW parts and aftermarket parts.

OEM, which stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, is generally what genuine parts are referred to as. If the new part you’re getting is from an OEM then you know that you are getting the authentic BMW quality that comes with that.

Aftermarket parts are not from the OEM, they are close replications of those genuine parts. The problem with aftermarket parts is that your quality is compromised since the materials used are not held to the same standard, as genuine BMW parts that come straight from the assembly line.

Not only do you risk ill-fitting parts on your BMW, but also the driving quality is lessened. You may replace your parts with aftermarket pieces and find that driving your beloved BMW just doesn’t feel the same as it did before.

You’ve already made this amazing commitment to a quality vehicle that comes with the highest level of standards, so why not equip it with the best quality parts that you certainly have access to at BMW Kingston.

Opting for authentic BMW parts is definitely worth the price in the end – it’s less you’ll have to stress over in the long run because your vehicle’s level of excellence is never compromised and you won’t have to go looking for these renowned parts since BMW Kingston can promptly guarantee that you’re getting Certified BMW parts.

Whether you’re visiting BMW Kingston for a parts repair or just to check out our expertly curated inventory of vehicles – you’ll have the option of browsing our unique BMW Lifestyle Boutique.

Perfect for the BMW enthusiast within, we’ve got an array of accessories for both you and your BMW. Whether you want to be decked out head to toe in BMW gear or you’re looking for specialty vehicle add-ons, we’ve definitely got what you’re looking for.

There are certain things that need not be touched or tampered with –and that is especially true for the incomparable safety of our BMWs. Feel free to contact us for a parts quote or come and see what we have to offer.